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Step 1

Create an account as a Seller.

Step 2

If you have already registered, then provide your existing email.id and password to continue.

Step 3

Select your Seller plan from the available list of plans.

Step 4

Clicking on every plan, you will find the detail of each plan. This will help you choose the suitable plan for yourself.

Step 5

Next you have to choose the payment mode or Buy a Plan.

Step 6

Once you have created your account or have logged in to your already existing account, you will find your Seller dashboard on the screen. After Admin will approve a Seller.

Step 7

When you click on the ‘My Account’, you will find all the details of the account. The list includes Personal information, your address, the detailing of your order history, your credit slips, the suitable vouchers and your wish-list.

Step 8

Once your shop is ready, you will find a window to manage the market place shop. The list of options are as follows: your dashboard, edit profile, seller profile, shop, product, orders, transactions, payment details, whole-seller request, manage post-buy request to seller products, Sales Leads from selected Category.

Step 9

Send your request by mentioning the product from the check list, quantity and the price range.

Step 10

From the customer column, you can see all the requests posted by you.

Step 11

Order history will show you the details of your ordering since the creation of your account. It includes order reference, date, total price, payment, status and invoice.

Step 12

You can edit the personal details of your profile from the edit profile option. You can change address, images, social, permission, and plan and category subscription.